Friday, June 15, 2012

Dragons, Dinasaurs, and Humans-oh my!

Recently, I had the wonderful experience of reading Beowulf for the first time. Beowulf is the oldest English manuscript ever discovered. It is the story of a man named Beowulf, who is a famed fighter of dragons. He kills several in the story, including one underneath the ocean.

Dragons, in the language of the ancients, is the word for dinosaur. The word dinosaur not having been invented until 1841 by an English anatomist by the name of Sir Richard Owen. (The first dinosaur bone discovered in modern time was in 1809.)

If the creation account is true, and man lived with dinosaurs, then we should expect to find records of these great beasts. The fact is, we do. If you go down to the city of Glen Rose Texas, as I have done, there are, in many layers of strata, human and dinosaur footprints together, in layers laid down within hours. In Colorado, there are pictures of dinosaurs in caves. However, if this were the only instance of something like this, we would dismiss these pictures as a mere nothing. The evolutionists say, “Well, it is a mutant elephant that lost its ears in battle, because of course, men did not live with dinosaurs, because that is antithetical to our worldview.”

However, the fact is, this is not the only example of such a thing, down in Peru, near the city of Ica, there is a place, where over ten thousand stones have bee found with ancient pictures on them. Many of which, have pictures of men interacting with dinosaurs. (riding, killing, eating etc.) When the famed Marco Polo went to China, he said the emperor was raising dragons to pull chariots in his parade. On the Nazca plains near Nazca Peru, is a large plain with massive pictures on it, some of which appear to be dinosaurs. In the Grand Canyon, there are paintings on the walls form the Indians which appear to be pterodactyls. There is an ancient Russian cylinder seal with a dragon. Also, on an old Roman mosaic there is what appears to be two long necked dragons. There are pictures in Egypt of them…and the list could go  on indefinitely.

Besides Beowulf, there are many other stories and ancient legends about dragons and sea monsters. Form the story of ST. George slaying the dragon in 275. AD., to stories from China, to a story about France, in which a man killed a dragon, and the city of Nerluke France was renamed for him. Everywhere you go there are legends about dinosaurs or dragons. Men drew pictures of them on their pottery, sewed them into the blankets of mummies, put them into their recipes, (I am told that many ancient medicine recipes called for such things as dragon bones, saliva, etc.) and told their children about them. How could they have told so many stories, and made so many pictures, all around the world, without having seen them?

And, what about the old Viking ships that had dragon heads on the top of their ships? Or what about the dragons on the walls of the ancient city of Babylon?

What is the future of man and dinosaurs, are there still living ones, will we ever capture one? Whatever the truth about the living dinosaur legends, we must always remember, that dinosaurs are the “chief of the ways of God”, God is still God of the dinosaur, and although they have been perverted in to some supposed evidence for a faulty worldview, dinosaurs still proclaim the awesome glory of God, and their story, the story of how we will view dinosaurs, and of how we will treat possible living ones, and how we will interpret the bones, is just beginning. It is time to take back dinosaurs form evolution. It is time to declare that God created the monsters as well as the mice, and it is time bring the message of the Gospel of Creation to the world.

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