Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Death of Christianity

The pop culture is eating Christianity alive. The girls have surrendered their hoop skirts for bikinis, the boys have surrendered their swords and guns with which they used to play field sports for x-boxes and skateboards. Henty has been laid aside for The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Ballantyne's gentlemen have been replaced with Assassins Creed. The church, once a vibrant and powerful source of cultural power, has become a social club. The men have given their headship of the home to their wives, and the wives have born the double curse.
Not too many years ago a woman named Margret Sanger brought something to the world she called the birth control pill. It does two things, negates the punishments for fornication, and kept us from having children.
In modern America there is no idea of modesty on Broadway. Never do you see a magazine at Wal-Mart telling us it has 101 tips on how to be a modest woman with a meek and quite spirit, rather sexy is the look, and fun is the fashion.
The songs of the day rarely have any redeeming aspects, more often they are about rebellion against the last generation's rebellion, violence and drugs.
The popular films of today are not about how to glorify God in every aspect of life, they are more often a reflection of the ancient Roman idea of love.
The majority of the children are in Public Schools, paid for by tax payers, in which they are led through a whirlwind of sex education, evolutionary teachings, and an overall worldview that reflects the militant humanists. History has been forgotten, and math is taught as a subject devoid of any theological presuppositions.
As for politics, that realm is taught as off limits to religion, something to be kept sacred from the greedy hands of clerics and pastors, and only left to such professionals as come from special schools, in which they are indoctrinated in the mindset of atheism.
In the news broadcasts we see overly exposed news anchors telling us stories of what goes on across the world, without any mention of the staying Providence of God.
America looks as if it were in a sorry state, does it not? And where are the Christians? Sitting at the feet of the Secular Humanists, eating their meat and talking their talk, following their steps and thinking in their agenda. Mainstream Christianity has been pulled down into the whirlpool of degeneration into which Western Culture has fallen.
This has happened before. The Pilgrims left Holland because their children were losing their faith and their culture, Americans have no nation to which to flee, they are all infected with the Black Plague of Modernism. However, there is hope for the West, and the hope is the same as it was when the Pilgrims lived, and it was the same in the days of the Reformers, and it was the same in the days of the knights of the middle ages. The hope is the redeeming power of God, which calls us to come out from among them and be separate, and for the remnant to stand aside from the line that is marching so happily to the guillotine.
Western Culture is tottering on its foundation, and it will very soon fall unless there is a great change. However, the Church is not built upon the foundation of Western Civilization, it is built upon Jesus Christ, and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail against it.

Through His  Strength We Will Conquer,

Andrew C. Abbott

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