Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shackles on the Mind

Elephants are often tied with a single rope to a small post. The elephant could break free, yet it does not. This is because when the elephant is very young, it is tied to a large deep rooted post with a chain. When the young elephant kicks, its leg is cut, yet he cannot free himself. He soon learns that to kick is to cut, and he will soon stop. To him, kicking brings pain, he will never kick again. A shackle is placed on the mind, so that soon, only a rope is needed to be tied around his leg, and he will not free himself.
I heard recently that if you catch a flea and put him in a container with a lid on top of it, he will try to jump out. However, after a few times of hitting his head he will pace himself so that he jumps lower, so that he he will not hit his head.
Shackles on the mind. Many modern Americans live with shackles on their minds. They think in the way they were taught to think. They think in the way the social programmers planned for them to think. The shackles tell us we need a college education to get a good job. The shackles remind us not to attempt to expect the young to accomplish or the old to be respected. I would like to ask you to do something exciting. To throw off the shackles of secular humanism, the tyranny over the masses the socialist agenda would like to foist on us. There is liberty in Christ-to turn the world on its head with the law of God.

Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

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  1. Amen! Really was edified by this post Andrew.

    Keep up the good work.