Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Bible or the Axe: A story of dependence upon God in while under persecution in Africa

I first met William O. Levi in October of last year. From South Sudan, he was beaten by Muslims multiple times, captured by soldiers and had to escape from the back of a truck while on his way to be executed. He was tortured, and accused of being an operative for the resistance. His book The Bible or the Axe recounts the amazing details of his life, and his passion to now return to the Southern Sudan to help the people there, not only to rebuild their worn torn nation economically, but also spiritually.

"The soldiers twisted the long strips of wire between my fingers, as I watched with dull detachment. I didn't have the energy to be horrified or outraged as they swung the loose ends of the cable around a beam in the ceiling. With a jarring snap, one of the soldiers pulled the cable taut. My arms shot upward, pulling my body up by my fingers. Intense nausea swept over me as my fingers dislocated from the unnatural weight it was suddenly forced to bear.

As I dangled from cable strangled fingers, the guards again began to whip me. Once again the soldiers insisted that the pain would stop as soon I would recite the Shahada, (become a Muslim). Again I refused.

Eventually Mr. Levi was able to escape his country and flee to Turkey, from there he went to France and finally to America. Where he was granted amnesty.

When he was going to be baptized, his grand father laid an axe and a Bible in front of him. He told him to choose his weapon. He took the Bible.

When Mr. Levi eventually arrived in America, instead of being bitter against his captors he forgave them, took the Bible as his weapon, and started Operation Nehemiah, a non-profit organization that is helping to rebuild the nation of Southern Sudan, not only by bringing them food, water, and relief, but also through the gospel.

The Scriptures say that a man hath no greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. This is not only dying, many men can die for others, it is living for others that that is difficult. I thank God Mr. Levi has done this.

Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

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