Monday, April 28, 2014

Elisabeth Warren

Calvert City, KC – In 2012, the favored person to win the Massachusetts Senate Seat was the incumbent, Scott Brown. He lost to a figure who had not been heard from before on a large scale in the public forum at this level.
Elisabeth Warren, a former college professor with some argument about her claiming Native-American Heritage from some, became the first female senator ever from the state of Kennedy. She won with just over 53% of the total vote.
Her first bill would have allowed students to borrow money from the federal government at the same rate as the banks do, saying that students should get the same bill. She had run on a platform that included attacks on Wall Street CEOs, saying they had wrecked the economy,
According to the Washington Times, she seemed to suggest at one hearing that, due to the rise of worker’s productivity over the years, the minimum wage should be at least $22 per hour. She then said at least 10.10 would be doable.
There has been, in recent months, interest in her running for the presidency. Although she said she is not running right now, she has not said she will not run at some point in the future. According to some she is more liberal than Hillary Clinton, which is saying something. Some have even suggested she may need to run to rally the more liberal Democrats.
Andrew C. Abbott

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