Thursday, September 18, 2014

And its...its...NO

San Jose, CA – Tomorrow morning, in England, Queen Elisabeth II of England, Ireland, and Scotland will make the official statement -the prime minister joining in- to tell everyone in their official sounding voices with their official looking regalia the news. Some will probably jump up and down, and some will probably cry, but the vote is in. Over three hundred years of history are not to be thrown away in a single night. The people have spoken, and Scotland will remain a part of the (Still) United Kingdom. The third name in the Queen’s job description will stay there for William and Kate and little George and company to rule and protect for another three centuries.

It may be difficult to tell why the Scots wanted to stay. Perhaps they agreed with the British slogan “Better Together.” Perhaps they just prefer the Union Jack to any alternative. Scotland gave the right to vote to just about everyone for this referendum, including sixteen year olds, according to some reports, because they wanted the “hotheadedness” and abandon of young people excited to create a new country.
The Queen and Prime Minister of the (Still) United Kingdom
But it didn’t work. When the sun rises in the morning over Edinburgh it will rise over a country united, and stronger for it. There will be no Labor, Socialist government in Holyrood. Instead the day set for the official break will come and go. And another referendum, this time on whether the United Kingdom will remain a part of the European Union, is expected soon.
America’s ally remains in tack. The military and economic strength of England, Ireland and Scotland will not be diminished. The Jack still flies. William Wallace probably would have wept, but that was a different time, a different place, and the world has changed. We are Better Together. The people have spoken.
Andrew C. Abbott

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