Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Barak Obama is on the ballot

Johnson City, TN – In 2012 Barak Obama told voters that it was to be his last campaign. And while this year, President of the United States of America is not a position up for grabs, Mr. Obama is still very much on the ballot, although many Democrats wish it was not so.

The man has gone from rock star to rock bottom in a period of eighteen months. And while the most expensive midterms campaign in history went on, the president was forced to sit a great deal of it out with some Democrats declining to be photographed with him, and one even declining to say whether she had voted for him or not.
The truth is however, Barak Obama cannot get away from the fact that he is a Democrat -the most powerful and most well-known Democrat, at that. He is basically the face of the party. And yes, this is an election about him, his policies, what people think of them, and how they will be implemented. The proof can be found in his weekly addresses, posted to the blog of whitehouse.gov, in which he says repeatedly that the Republicans are the ones blocking all of his plans. So obviously the Democrats are on board with the president, whether they want their pictures taken with him or not.
That the president is unpopular no one can deny. Over half of the nation disapproves of the job he is doing. As a result of this, the Republicans have a now better than 3 in 4 chance of winning the senate, and the Democrats would have gain several seats to take the house, while even there the odds are against them, with it being statistically more likely that the Republicans will actually gain seats there rather than lose them. The Republicans would need to gain only 13 seats to have the biggest margin of power since 1945.
The Democrats, with Barack Obama tied like a millstone around their neck, are down on the mat, according to the numbers. Numbers are not everything. True. There have been many ring fights where those down for the count came up to give the knockout blow. But usually that only happens in the movies.
The more likely thing, according all the experts, the calculators, and the algorithms, is that the Democrats are about to tap out of this one.

Andrew C. Abbott

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