Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Good Queen Bess

Atlanta, GA – Elisabeth Warren is a Senator whose recent political life has been filled with controversy, blaming, and Interest to the general public. She is, perhaps, the most liberal person who has been put forward for the 2016 Presidential Election.

The Senior Senator from Massachusetts, she defeated Scott Brown in a hotly contested race in 2012. Brown claimed she had lied when she had said that she was of Indian Descent. Apparently, it was the reason she got her professorship at Harvard. However, attempts to find proof she was of Native American Descent promptly turned up nothing.
But this time, she is not in the news because of whether or not her ancestors were members of the Cherokee and Delaware tribes. She has said constantly she is not running. But the emphases may be put on the word “is.” Or, in the actual statement, “am.”
The woman is to the left of Hillary Clinton, which is saying a lot, as everybody knows Some have even suggested that she should run to solidify the youngest parts of the Democratic Party, where some think Hillary Clinton is too far towards the center for comfort. (Doesn’t everybody that is in politics too long seem to drift to the center?)
She is the first woman ever elected to the US Senate from her state, and so you might say she is already a progressive.
Her first bill would have allowed students to borrow money from the federal government at the same rate as the banks do, saying that students should get the same deal. She had run on a platform that included attacks on Wall Street CEOs, saying they had wrecked the economy.
According to the Washington Times, she seemed to suggest at one hearing that, due to the rise of worker’s productivity over the years, the minimum wage should be at least $22 per hour. (By that logic, taken far enough back, it could be over $100, but Warren is not ready to take it that far.) Enough said on Warren. As one last note, the media is swooning over her, and the Unltra Liberals would love nothing more than having her in the White House, and Hillary Clinton, like I said, has been in politics a long time. These are not predictions, but they are facts.

Andrew C. Abbott

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