Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why Are Patriots The New Terrorists?

"America used to own the world. Now, increasingly, the world owns America." - Dinesh D'Souza

Atlanta, GA, – Dinesh D'Souza is an Indian born American Patriot who in 2012 and 2014 made widely popular documentaries criticizing Barak Obama. The second one, America: Imagine the world without her, was the highest grossing American Documentary last year.

It should be said right up front that Dinesh D'Souza is not a nut. He is not a terrorist who blows up towers or plants bombs in the Pentagon. He is not Alex Jones, a wild conspiracy theorist who thinks some men in masks somewhere are controlling the world or that Barak Obama was born in a hut in Africa. He is a peaceful patriot simply stating what he believes. But nonetheless, D'Souza is today in jail.
In his book, also named America, D’Souza talks about another man a bit like himself, sometimes a bit of a radical, although, instead of being a radical Patriot he is a radical terrorist.
In the 1960s Bill Ayres started the Weather Underground, which describes itself as Communist; it placed bombs in places like the Pentagon and also bombed police stations. Ayres, according to D’Souza, has never recanted his views, and indeed, Ayres did write a book in 2001 which seems to defend his past actions.
And yet, it may be pointed out that D’Souza is in jail, while Ayres has achieved tenure as a university professor today.
Dinesh D'Souza
Of course, D’Souza wrote his book before he was arrested on a felony charge to which he pled guilty involving some laws on campaign funding. Many influential Republicans pointed out at the time that many people before had broken the obscure law, and none had been prosecuted, and made parallels to the scandal that not so long ago rocked the IRS-targeting TEA Party groups for audits because they were conservative.
In short, it appeared to many, and perhaps not without some reason, that immigrant-American Dinesh D’Souza was target simply because he criticized Barak Obama in too public and too compelling a way.
But to move on from Ayres, no matter about the group he founded, the man is today a seventy year old has been, but D’Souza makes the case that Ayres' ideas have been passed on-to Barak Obama. In the 2008 campaign, it arose that Bill Ayres had apparently had close association with the future president when Obama had been a younger man.
D’Souza spends a large part of his book, as he did in his past documentaries, on Barak Obama, and indicting him not only for the people he is associated with, but also on what the president himself believes.
D’Souza at times engages in scathing attacks for unpatriotic statements by our president, in them almost apologizing for America, and its greatness.
In one chapter, D’Souza speaks of a speech that in the 1850s, before he was president, Abraham Lincoln gave. Lincoln said that the idea of slavery was this: “You work, I eat.” It was the idea of the elitist, the idea of the rich people, that they were owed something by the poor.
Bill Ayres
Supposedly, all of this was supposed to have been eradicated by the Civil War, -the idea that people were owed something. But since then, the idea that America should apologize and pay back people who are owed something has grown. The idea that we stole the lands from American Indians and Mexico as given rise to the idea that we should “give back Manhattan,” and maybe Texas.
But that is the entitlement trap. And, America argues, the same trap as slavery used to have. Now, the poor feel entitled to the capitol of the rich. To sum up one passage “we hitch the band wagon of the ‘entitled’ to the shoulders of the rich. And they have to pull. But eventually, they were going to look back and say, ‘aw, let’s get in the wagon ourselves,’ so they do, and the wagon slows, and then stops, and America fails.”
The old idea was “you work, I eat.” Now the entitlement trap is “they work, you eat.” Instead of the poor owing the rich, now the rich owe the poor, and Barak Obama is perfectly okay with that.
And now we can imagine the world without America, as the title of the book suggests. There was a time, in 1776, when Americans had a fire in the belly, a purpose to live and to do things, and to thrive and work, but that fire is cooling, that fervor is dying. The end, D’Souza says, unless something happens, is coming soon. He believes, as do I, that something can and must be done, and almost nobody is doing it.
Today D’Souza is in jail, and is destine to remain there for several more months, and he also has years of parole to face as well.
America is still the greatest country in the world, but how long can that last while communists are professors and Patriots are in chains? Not long, I fear, not long. When the rich people owe everyone something, and the rich nations owe everyone something, then the world truly owns America.

Andrew C. Abbott

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