Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good Enough for the Founding Fathers

Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton, in the last week, both announced they are running for president. One is the junior senator from Florida, and 43 years old. The other is the former secretary of state, and 67. Some worry that Rubio is too young, and some that Hillary is too old, to be president.
But the question of age is rather redundant. Republicans seem to forget that our beloved Reagan was 71 when he became president, and the Democrats beloved Kennedy was 43. It is the ideas, not the age, that matters. Both Rubio, and the Junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, who is also running, would make better presidents at 40 than Hillary would at 80. Not because they are Republicans, there are a lot of Republicans who have no business being in office of any kind, but because, on the whole, their ideas are good.
Hillary has old ideas. The ones that have been tried before, and have failed before. So while she is not herself too old to be president, her ideas sure are.
Perhaps neither Cruz nor Rubio will be president, perhaps neither one of them is the best choice, but age should not be an issue in this race. Once you hit 35, the question of age should be nil. If you are old enough for the founding fathers, you should be old enough for us.
Below, in their announcements of Sunday and Monday respectively, are Hillary's video and Rubio's speech. Of course, words are not the only indicator, but when someone can't even get their rhetoric right, like Hillary, it become obvious they shouldn't be president.
Recently, when Rubio, who is about to turn 44 next month was asked if 43 is old enough to be president, he said he didn't know, but 44 sure is.
Andrew C. Abbott #thelovestate

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