Thursday, September 24, 2015

No peace without victory: The importance of beating China

Landers, CA – During the dark days of World War II, when the racist, hateful, violent and barbaric hordes of the Nazi’s and the Imperial Japanese Empire were sweeping the globe, in one of the few remaining islands of freedom and capitalism, Great Britain, a symbol of defiance and optimism emerged, the famous sign of the two uplifted fingers making a “V” for victory.
As the years have passed, as the World War and then the Cold War ended in defeats of socialism, communism, and racism, and the world has turned to fighting smaller, less dangerous wars which hinge more on the interests of the world’s only superpower, the United States of America, and less on the survival of capitalism, Christianity, and freedom, the symbol of the two fingers raised in a “V” has come to mean peace. The peace symbol.
The President of the People’s Republic of China, (an oxymoron, he is a dictator, not a president, it is not a Republic, and it certainly is not run by the people), Xi, is on his way to visit to the White House. Putting aside for a moment the debate about whether a twenty-one gun salute should be fired for a man who hates freedom so much he only allows the people of his country one child per family, there are larger things at stake here that the White House and the Obama administration need to recognize.
The first one is that China is not our friend. They are enemies of our ally, Japan, and are seeking to gain control and to subjugate our ally of Taiwan, while they remain in control, against the people’s wishes, in Hong Kong. China is a country where liberty is no sacred, where they rely on aggression, and where they care very little about the planet, spewing out carbon at a rate worthy of some eighteen hundred coal refinery.
Mr. Xi Jinping, the communist, hatemongering leader of the anti-freedom rouge state of China
In recent months China has hacked the US government multiple times, and although Xi, who always was a bad liar, says his country had nothing to do with it, there is evidence to the contrary.
China has a weak economy, as any country that does not rely on capitalism is destined to have. Their leaders are overbearing and even access to the internet is strictly controlled. The freedom of the press is not allowed and free elections are only a pipe dream.
But the fact is that China, with its over one billion person population is a nation very much on the rise in many people’s eyes. They are a growing nuclear power, and they are a huge market which many would love to sell to. So, thus, our president refuses to see China for what it is, a threat to global stability, and at best rouge state, at worst a terrorist one.
Nobody wants a war with China, not even a cold one. But conflict must certainly come, either in the form of war and blood spilled as it was with Japan and Germany, or in the form of a long stalemate, as it was with Russia, unless China backs down, realizes there is no rewards for aggression, and becomes a country worthy of the respect of the world, which, at the moment, it does not have, nor should it.
No one, including myself, looks happily on either of these possibilities. The West, with its huge heart, would prefer to be taking in the millions of refugees from the east rather than fighting trade wars or real wars with China.
But what we must realize, what we have to be certain our elected officials understand, is that losing is not an option. We cannot back down. We have the moral high ground, and as the Chinese dragon advances, we have to hold that high ground. The only one who can concede, the only one that can surrender, is them. Their brand of tyranny must crumple up and cease to exist, just as all before them have.
We love peace, and we love to make the peace symbol. But we have to remember that we are only at peace today because we were victorious yesterday, and our children will only be at peace if we are victorious now.
As the president meets with Xi, Mr. Obama needs to remember that he is not talking to an ally; he is not talking to someone who likes us. He is talking to an international enemy of freedom. And Mr. Obama needs to remember, and indeed he should probably tell Xi this in their talks, that America is going to win this one like they’ve won all the others. We aren’t backing up, we aren’t giving in, and we are going to have peace, even if it means peace while standing over a few dead dragons.

Andrew C. Abbott

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