Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What will Happen, if Hillary falls

Atlanta, GA – Even with the recent revelations that the Pentagon was ready to send in extra forces to save our ambassador on that fateful night in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton remains unlikely to arrested, indicted, censored, or even written a ticket for her many supposed or real violations of the law during her time as Secretary of State and in connection with the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.
Even so, it is barely possible that something could still happen. The other shoe could drop, the FBI could announce that they have found enough evidence to indict, or the Department of Justice might decide that they need to drag Mrs. Clinton into court. So it is not too early to start wondering just what the Democratic Party will do if its star character, indeed, almost its only character, falls off the stage.
It does not seem likely that Hillary would continue on her Presidential Campaign, if she were actually indicted and taken to court. She would of course release press statements saying that it was all a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” she will say she is “disappointed” by what is going on, but then she is likely to announce a “suspension” of her campaign for “the time being.” In other words she would then be in full panic mode, running for the hills, and screaming and crying behind closed doors.
But while the news, were all of this to happen, would be fixated on the grand display of the Fall of the House of Clinton, the Democratic leaders would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do. Pundits call everything “unprecedented” because it just sounds so awesome, but your front runner getting arrested, leaving almost half the nation with no real, viable person to vote for would truly be unprecedented in the American experience.
Some might think that the Democrats will bring in somebody from the bullpen. But that doesn’t seem very likely. The Castro brothers are too young and do not have the name recognition, while anyone else who might consider is either a national joke, (Biden) too old for this, (Gore), or legally ineligible, (Bill Clinton.)
One thing that will not happen is that the Democrats will not all run to Sanders. That would be a recipe for a 49 state Republican landslide. The guy thinks women want to be raped, and he wants to give free college to everyone.
So what would be the answer? Two words: Martin O’Malley.
Most people have probably never heard of him, and for the moment he only running to make Hillary look like she has some kind of completion. He has less chance of winning this Lindsey Graham, and that’s saying something.
But if Hillary were to go down, we would suddenly see a “Captain America” moment. One of those times when someone is very weak politically, nothing more than a skinny bag of bones. But the party needs them. So a special serum, called “hype” is prepared. When the doors open up again to reveal our hero, he is big muscled, faster than the fastest, and can knock your head off with one punch.
Hillary is doing fine right now. But if she ever falls off the cliff, the serum will be injected into O’Malley. You can count on it. It doesn’t mean he will win, he probably wouldn’t. But somebody has to carry the party line, somebody has to pretend they care about all this politics stuff. So that is what will happen, if Hillary falls.

Andrew C. Abbott

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