Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Galesville Wisconsin – Everyone has a lot to say about government, modern America, and how we will, in the near future, face some sort of cataclysm. Reading the news one would think that the whole nation believes that the other half is corrupt.
Next to me I have two books, Worse than Watergate, by John Dean on the Bush Administration, a book likening Bush to some sort of despot who was attempting create his own empire and another called Surrender, by Bruce Bawar, a book that states that the News Media constantly lies to us, and then he tells us when they lied and what happened to them for it.
As I write the FoxNews Website headline states that the DOJ is covering up something, then states what that something is that they were ‘covering up,’ while a sidebar ad sports a picture of the president, encouraging us to vote on whether we think he had something to hide.
Salem Kirban in the 1970s wrote books about America and the rest of the world, claiming that it was all going to fall apart any day, and that the system was no good, so we had all better run for our lives before the stones fell on our heads. Interestingly enough about Kirban, he did not run, he continued to live in society, so far as I know he took payment for his books in Federal Reserve Notes. Kirban would have been shocked had he been told that people were taking up arms to march on Washington in response to his writings; he would have defamed them as too ignorant to understand what he was saying.
Often “progressives” and radicals have their rallies and their marches, and in so doing they join the system’s unsuitable appetite for celebrities. They soon join what they fight, simply through the act of fighting it.
Mankind wants to believe in the system, like an indisputable law of nature. It is comforting to know we are a part of something larger, something grander. If we do not care for which way the system is going or if it is not meeting all of our needs respectively, then we bawl, and complain that the system is not working.
However, belief is the natural state of mankind. For the common man, unbelief is an incidental accident. He does not long remain there. He may write an article about our monetary system, and even say that it not only does not work but that it cannot work, but then he will be paid for that article with Federal Reserve Notes.
I have read books criticizing government agencies for making it difficult to criticize them. This is of course interesting, since the book just did. Many times A will tell B to stop talking and taking away A’s write to free speech. There are genuine problems with the system. However, the system that Americans often complain about is the system that is not working for them. Not objectively, but subjectively.

Andrew C. Abbott

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