Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rules For Patriots

Camp Maranatha, NE – Saul Alinsky, the influential left-wing author, wrote, in 1971, a book that was to be his final and the most effective in the organizing of the radical left wing ideas. Rules for Radicals. The book’s content, leaning, and philosophy may be guessed by the dedication page. Saul D. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer.

Consecutives currently do not have the White House, and the Democrats are considered the “majority party.” In an effort to combat left-wingism, syndicated radio talk show host, political consultant and activist Steve Deace wrote a book called Rules for Patriots.
I was able to meet the author a couple of weeks ago, and get a signed copy of the book. In it he has “ten commandments” for conservatives winning. Although the book is at too times harsh, and even the author of the forward found it overly so for him, the commandments, at least in the majority, are useful. They are:
·         Never Trust Republicans

·         Never Attack What You’re Not Willing TO Kill

·         Never Accept The Premise Of Your Opponents Argument

·         Never Surrender the Moral High Ground

·         Reverse The Premise Of Your Opponents Argument And Use It Against Him.

·         Never Abandon Your Base (Unless They’re Morally Wrong.)

·         Define Your Opponent Before They Define Themselves, And Define Yourself Before Your Opponent Defines You

·         Always Make Your Opponent Defend Their Record/Belief System.

·         Stay on Message

·         Play Offense

Of all of them, most of which I can agree with at once, I believe the last is most pertinent. Play Offense. You cannot win war very well by doing nothing but defending. Unless of course you are happy where you are. If you are, there is no place on the front lines of anything for you. But if you really feel like doing something, and if you really feel like winning, Play Offense.

Andrew C. Abbott

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