Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Money of it all

Los Angeles, CA – Money is an American value. It shapes the way we live, and how we think. “Rich and powerful” are two words that often go together, interestingly enough, with the rich part first. Many people’s entire lives revolve around their job, where they work to get money. In fact, America was started because of money. First settlers were sent over as an investment by some rich men in London, England, and then we fought the grandsons of those merchants, in the Revolutionary War, because they taxed us too much. In a way, the war was over money.

Many conflicts in the history of the world have been money driven, and with money, won. From the time when the arms sellers in and around Jerusalem had to decide whether to sell arms to the Zealots, the Jewish magistrates, or the Romans, all based on where they would get the most profit, it hasn’t changed still today.
America’s new movements in Iraq have not yet lasted 60 days, and already they have cost us an estimated over 500,000,000 dollars, according to the British paper The Guardian. And that is not all. ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, being hailed as worse and more dangerous than Al Qaeda, are making money fast. By some estimates, their selling of cheap oil is getting them over 2,000,000 dollars a day already. This is a group so violent; Al Qaeda itself refuses to join them.
The new Zealots, albeit for a different religion than the ancient Judas the Galilean, who led a revolt in response to the famous taxing at the time of the birth of Christ, are not something to be toyed with. They, or their allies, have shot hundred if not thousands of innocent and unarmed prisoners.  They are burning indiscriminately, and are so wild, they, Muslims, are considering burning Holy sites in Mecca because the people that come there to pay homage are not radical enough.
The United Kingdom, because of ISIS, some of whose soldiers are former British turned radical, has upgraded the terror threat to their country to “SEVERE.” ISIS certainly is a growing threat, with some of the arms traders unconcerned as to what side they are helping, and so ISIS and its minions continue to upgrade their killing power.
Andrew C. Abbott

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