Monday, March 2, 2015

Donald Trump would make a good president-for about 90 days

We have all heard the name. Trump Tower. Trump Card. Trump this, Trump that, and Donald Trump, the man who seems to think that if there was a Mount Rushmore of business men his would be the only face on it, the man whose board game "Trump" states on the box that "It takes brains to make millions, it takes Trump to make Billions" is again eyeing the White House.
At exactly noon on Friday Donald Trump appeared before the Conservatives for Political Action Conference, to announce, as he seemingly has every four years since Bill Clinton was the in-thing, that is considering a White House Run. But there is a catch-this time he says he is serious, telling Sean Hannity of Fox News that on a scale of 100, he was somewhere around "80."

"Trump will realize he can't fire congress."

In his speech at CPAC, and in the days around it, Self Proclaimed Brilliant Billionaire Donald Trump has decided not to renew his contract for another year of Celebrity Apprentice saying he has more important things to do, and has begun hiring staff and possibly raising funds. He has been reminding everyone about what a great negotiator he is, telling them of his exploits in getting buildings like "The Old Post Office Building" a well sought after piece of Real Estate.
Right now, we don't even know if he is running, but here is what I think about a possible candidicey. Of course, a main hurdle for most if not all candidates in the field at the moment is money. That won't be anything like a problem for Trump. According to Celebrity Net Worth, The Donald is worth 4,000,000,000 dollars, (4 billion).
But there are two ways this would effect other people in the race for the GOP Nomination. One is that Trump would be taking donors, because of course, while he could fund his own campaign, if he's smart he won't. Fundraising is a way not only to save your own money, but to prove to others that people like and are willing to give money. So he will be taking even more donors from the already diminishing donor pool. And secondly, his own money will not be going to someone else who will now be his opponent.
Of course, Donald Trump is a business man, and pundits like Howard Kurtz say it will probably not be happening. And again, when Trump toys with the presidency, his name gets out again, we all are reminded who he is, and he has a ton of fun. Which is probably what he wants, not the crushing weight of the American presidency.
But there is one thing to be said for him-despite all his faults-and that is that he is a man who does not know how not to get things done, who does not accept defeat and who doesn't get what you mean when you say "it can't be done." He is like the kind of guy, when you take a job, and you have a "no questions asked firing clause" for the first ninety days, you want him for the ninety days, but that's it.
Trump says he could close the border, build the army, and fix the problems, especially with ISIS. "I would hit them so hard and so fast that they wouldn't know what happened." And at first, he probably could. Look at Obama, a much weaker personality, how he was able to manhandle and pass the now hated Obamacare during the honeymoon.
Trump talks a lot about how he has more business experience then anyone who has ever become president. Which is true, although we are reminded the last time a billionaire ran for president, and his name was Ross Perot, the guy who lost.
But after the honeymoon phase, after everyone wakes up from the hang over from inauguration day, Trump is going to realize that it is The White House, not the Trump House. That America is not a business, he can't fire congress, although under extraordinary circumstances they can fire him.
He has always been most interested in profit, when you make more money than you spend, you are winning. But now the measuring sticks are much more complicated. Its not all about money any more, its about all sorts of things. And I think as he begins to realize that, as he must have every four years for the past decade plus, he will realize he will not want to get out of the real world of business and into gridlocked Washington.
It is not likely Trump will announce his candidacy, but if he does, it will certainly be very interesting show biz. He is unpopular with the country, but we all have to respect him. But he won't become president, certainly.
Trump's best bet is to stay where he is, doing what he is doing. And perhaps he can make a Mount Rushmore of business in some beautiful tourist spot in America, with his face on it, and maybe JP Morgan, Gates, and a couple of others. We would call it Mount Trumpmore.

Andrew C. Abbott

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