Saturday, March 28, 2015

Losing hold on sanity

State Senator Ernie Chambers is the type of fellow the phrase “one small fry short of a happy meal” was invented for, or any of the others phrase you please to designate someone as having an elevator that doesn’t go to the top level-basically, as being nuts.

This 77 year old state senator from Omaha Nebraska said just recently that if he had a gun, he might shoot a cop. He went on to say that members of the police are like members of ISIS. As if all those remarks, which he refuses to apologize for, and has been duly condemned by his fellow legislatures for, who have asked him to resign, were not bad enough, he followed it up by saying the police are a threat to free speech.
Now, the constitution protects free speech, even disgusting forms of it, such as this, and bad old Ernie has automatic protection anyway for things he says on the floor of the legislature. But this man seems to have forgotten one little thing about the freedom to say he wants to kill cops, and that is that the only reason he has the right to say that is because of the cops, who keep people like him who do have a gun from overrunning the rest of us.
The very people he seems to want to shoot are the very reason he has the right to say he wants to do it. Today, if you are enjoying being safe, thank a cop.

Andrew C. Abbott

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