Friday, May 1, 2015

Uncle Bernie from Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders

Kansas City, KA – Some people call him the people’s senator, some people call him Uncle Bernie from Brooklyn. I just call him nuts.
Bernie Sanders, four time mayor of Burlington Vermont, and eight term member of the House of Representatives, and now the Jr. Senator from Vermont in his second term, the boy born in Brooklyn New York is now running for the nomination of the Democratic Party.
Bernie Sanders said not long ago on NBC’s Meet the Press that if he announced he was running, as he did yesterday, it would be because he thinks he can win. That fact alone betrays him to some as being out of touch with reality.  Sanders problems are so many that I do not have time for them all.
For one thing, he is only at 4% in the polls, consistently polling behind Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination by 40 to 60 percentage points. Another one of his many problems is that he isn’t actually a Democrat. He is a self-described Socialist, and independent, in fact he is the longest serving Independent in the history of congress, although he does sit on the Democratic side of the chamber, and caucus with them, he is registered with neither party.
Sanders, at 73 would not only be the oldest man in history ever elected to the Oval Office, he would also certainly be the worst President the United States of America has ever had.
In recent weeks the Democratic Party has been staunchly positioning itself as the party of the past, with the likes of Hillary Clinton. As if her ideas were not old enough, they brought in Sanders, a socialist.
I have heard it said that the college kid Hillary Clinton would not like the candidate Hillary Clinton, because she has become too moderate. Well Bernie Sanders is like the college kid who nobody ever told it was time to grow up in his views about politics. He is still an ideological child.
He has said in the past that it is immoral for people to make a lot of money. (How much he believes is too much, as far as I know, has never been specified.)
Sanders is against Wall Street, saying the middle class needs to come first. He has attacked Hillary Clinton’s recent money problems, saying it will not be an issue for him because nobody on Wall Street likes him, which is true, and for good reason. Socialists are not friendly to businesses, they tend to see them, for some reason, as the bad guys. At a time when our economy's growth has been tenuous at best, we need a friend of Wall Street and Main Street, not one who hates the one and is a dubious friend, at best, of the other.

Socialists, (and Sanders has self-described himself as such) are also antithetical to basic American Principles, like freedom and liberty. They are people screaming loudly into the void against injustices that are real, but offering solutions that only make things that much worse.
His only criticism of Obamacare is that it didn’t go far enough. He wants the government to pay for all healthcare in this nation.
If Bernie Sanders were to become president, (relax, he has a better chance of landing a ride in the TARDIS with Dr. Who), then he would make Barak Obama look like another Ronald Reagan.
Andrew C. Abbott

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