Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Donald Trump is still alive

Donald Trump and FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly, about whom Trump has been saying some things,
which, if  taken to mean the thing some people say they do, would be further proof, (if any were needed)
Trump is completely unfit to be president of the United States of America.
Los Angeles, CA - There is a reason Donald Trump is still alive politically.
It is no secret that many rightwing conservatives do not like, or sometimes even trust the mainstream media’s content. Earlier this year, at CPAC, Chris Christie, a catholic, evoked wild applause from the audience when he said, while trying to decide what to drop for lent he told his priest that he was going  stop reading The New York Times, but the holy father told him he’d have to give up something he’d actually miss.
Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Ben Carson, all of whose campaign updates I receive, do not quote polls from conventional sources such as RealClearPolitics, FiveThirtyEight, NBC, etc. Instead these candidates, to prove they are doing well, use sites that are clearly biased towards the right, such as World Net Daily, Breitbart, (the conservative version of the Huffington Post) etc.
And here is the why conventional political physics have not, as of yet, destroyed Trump. Because all of the pundits, the pollsters, the wise men and women of politics, have a different set of rules than the people that are saying they support Trump.
The media, the panels on cable news programs, the political scientists and the anchors of the Sunday Morning Talk shows are politically correct. They think through their arguments, both Democrat and Republicans. They have read deeply and widely, history, current events, and they are around people that do.
But the American voter is not that way. The set of facts, the set of interests being looked at by them is not the same. They are not looking at numbers and probabilities, they are looking at their personal life, at what they feel they want, and what they want to see in a president.
For years, conservatives have felt under siege, and it has become popular to shout from stages at GOP rallies that this candidate or that one is not politically correct, that they say what they think, and that is seen as boosting your righting credentials.
Many conservatives also fear and dislike the establishment, feeling that they are anti-freedom, anti-morality, anti-everything that the voting base of the GOP holds so dear. And so for them to see the attacks on Donald Trump from the very people they don’t like, they go back to the old cliché of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
As further proof of the difference between the pundits and the voters, is that after last week’s debate, many talking heads thought Kasich, governor of Ohio, did very well. Yet Kasich had no bump in the polls, and, indeed, after the post-debate shakeup, if the debate were to happen again, Kasich would not have been in it. The reason, probably, is that Kasich made statements clearly in support of gay-marriage, something many GOP members, and indeed the party platform, are opposed to. So while the “in the know” folks think Kasich should be doing well, the people who ultimately get to decide that, the voters, are still saying no.
But now…Donald has done it. He is no longer attacking NBC, CNN, CBS. He has gone after the bastion of conservatism in television, FOX News. And not only FOX, he has gone after one of its most respected and loved anchors, Megyn Kelly.
Trump’s odd and controversial comments are not focal point of the article, and we will not talk about them. However, Trump has brought it to a crossroads. He is bashing the media, but he’s bashing conservative media. And now the allegiance of the GOP will be tested. Will they support Megyn Kelly and FOX news, (FOX, while not an official part of the GOP, is certainly a huge part of the equation come election time,) or will they keep on being the celebrity’s apprentice, following Trump no matter how insane he gets?

Andrew C. Abbott

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