Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday: The Final Battle

The Orange Dragon is devouring the land. From Alaska, where a former governor has endorsed the beast, to Georgia, where despite a statewide Cruz Campaign that is, reportedly, stronger than anything any candidate had in Iowa, the Dragon’s flames are consuming all in its path.

The establishment has been routed, their favorite White Knight, Jeb Bush, having fallen on his own sword in defeat. The libertarians have fled, Rand Paul slinking back into the woods of Kentucky rather than continue to fight a losing battle. Now, a gaggle of half-baked alternatives, one of whom isn’t even awake, and none of whom like each other, has risen. But they too, will fall.
John Kasich cannot defeat Donald Trump, deep down, even he knows that. Ben Carson’s campaign ended even before Iowa happened, and soon the brain surgeon will also be forced to admit he is no match for the great lizard. As for the New White Knight, the last best hope of the establishment, Marco Rubio, even his home state doesn’t want him. He has not won a single state, and cannot predict any state that he will win. He may think he can fight all the way to the convention, but the odds of him surviving that long are so small as to be non-existent.
That leaves only one person between the nomination and the dragon...Ted Cruz. And today is his final stand.
The South was supposed to be Ted Cruz’ bonanza. It was supposed to be his firewall. Instead it is turning into his Alamo. Instead of campaigning in states that he might have a chance at across the South, Cruz is at home, in Texas, in the fight for his life.
If Cruz can’t win his home state, it’s over. The route of the Republican Party will be complete, the armies of the GOP will all have been beaten, and Donald Trump will runaway towards the convention. The good news for Cruz is that he will probably win his home state, but everywhere else the sky is dark, lit up only by occasional flashes of flame from the Orange Dragon.
Cruz recognizes that he needs today. In recent days, in Texas, he has spoken about how badly he needs this win. He has, in fact, actually called Super Tuesday his Alamo.
But while, if Cruz wins Texas he will still be alive, what if he only wins Texas? Trump will not be the nominee, he will still be a long way off from the numbers needed to stand on the stage at the convention basking in the applause of many thousands, but if Cruz cannot win in the South, the most conservative part of the nation, where can he win?
This is a desperate day for Ted Cruz and all of those that share his brand of ultra-conservatism. The polls don’t close for several hours, and there is still time. But the one thing I can’t quite get out of my mind is what actually happened to those who stood inside the Alamo.
They were massacred.

Andrew C. Abbott

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