Monday, February 22, 2016

I Support Ted Cruz for President

Atlanta, GA – Who am I supporting for president? Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz is not a perfect man, indeed, some of his policy positions and strategy moves have, in the past, been much less than could have been hoped for. He’s human. He can be abrasive. But for all that, when it comes to choosing a Republican Nominee, we have, now, only three choices.
Donald Trump. A man who can’t control his mouth, and doesn’t know what, if anything, he believes. He has flipped-flopped so often he makes Mitt Romney look like a Lincoln Chafee-style block of granite. He has been pro-life, he has been anti-life, he has believed everything by turns, and none of them for very long. Remember when John Kerry said he was for before he was against it? Trump was against after he was for it but before he changed his mind and supported it, but after that he opposed it. His supporters are the type of people that just want something to change in Washington…they want the table kicked over, and they don’t give a red cent how it’s done.
The second choice is Marco Rubio, a man who has proven again and again that he cracks under pressure, and also that he can change his mind on major issues after already having made it to the top. If we were the only choice, we could certainly do worse, but, for now, we can most assuredly do a whole lot better.
Ted Cruz isn’t a “great man.” He’s a senator who believes a lot of good things and who has a record of putting those beliefs into action. He isn’t someone to be trusted, because he was born of a human mother and father. He isn’t the last best hope of mankind, because that is God’s position, and it isn’t up for grabs.
But Ted Cruz is the man of the hour. While it is narrowing and steepening, he does still have a shot at the GOP nomination; if he wins Nevada and has a hands down victory at the next debate, he will be sitting pretty for a chance at the nomination.
He has the requisites to be the nominee: Conservative, (actually conservative, not "talking point conservative"), and he is electable. He is pro-life, (actually pro-life), and he is pro-self defense, and also he is anti-violence, otherwise known as pro-gun.
This is going be a long, hard fight. The only ones who know who will win are the groundhogs. But this is a fight worth fighting, and I’m all in, with Camp Cruz.
Let’s do this.
Andrew C. Abbott

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