Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A message from the Titanic

11:40 P.M, 15 April, 1912. The ship Titanic, with twenty-two hundred passengers aboard struck an iceberg in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. The great ship, the great and unsinkable ship sank beneath the waves, carrying 1,502 living souls with her, to rest at the bottom of the cold ocean, beneath thousands of feet of water. It sank less than three hours after it struck.

On board ship were some of the richest men in the world, yet they joined the other men as they watched the ship sink beneath their feet. The Titanic is a story of manhood, it is a story of bravery. Yet is also the story of how man's towers of Babel will always fall, as did the foolish man’s house  who built his house on the sand. The men of the Titanic put their trust in iron decks and wooden life boats. Today Americans put their trust in an Empire of Fiscal Money and Positive Law. Then they say it is unsinkable, or that if it sinks, it will herald the end of the world. Saying America constitutes God's kingdom is as foolish as saying that the Titanic made up the whole of the world shipping industry. America is heading for an iceberg, and, like an iceberg, the majority of the danger is underneath the water. Rather than placing our faith in the election of a new captain, or in a new program for choosing who receives a seat in a lifeboat, let us put our faith in God.

Many Christians train their children to fight for better positions socially in a ship that is sinking. They teach their children how to have all of the benefits of the TOA (Titanic Officers Association), how to talk like a cultured passenger, how to sit in the salon the correct way so as not to let it show that you are making up for a decided list in the ship. Meanwhile, in the boiler room, the cold sea water of reality is rushing in.

We cannot stop the course of the Titanic by going to the same schools the officers that wrecked the ship in the first place went to. We cannot stop the Titanic living normal lives, it was normal on the Titanic to sink; we can only save the Titanic by taking an abnormal route. First we must recognize whose Sovereign Hand made the iceberg, then, we must not be the hand who guides the ship on its fatal course. The Titanic will not be saved by a new captain, it will not be saved by a "Christian", young, good-looking first mate, it will only be saved by the King of the Seas, the God of waters and waves, Jesus Christ
By all means, become the captain if you can, but do not compromise in doing so. Rather than looking for a comfortable berth in the first class, let us join the lifeboat building factory.
We may not be able to save the Titanic, yet when it sinks, we can still return to the dry docks of the Scripture to build a truly unsinkable ship.
Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

Post Empire History

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  1. Great read, Andrew. Thank you so much for your encouraging, uplifting words.