Friday, August 3, 2012

We Are All Religous

From Charles Lyle, to John Dillinger, all men wear glasses. From the man with the twenty-twenty vision that flies a fighter jet, to the man that walks the streets with a cane and a cup, all of mankind wears glasses.

Any person that has ever stepped into a toy store has seen the green-tinted or blue-tinted glasses. Just as these glasses tint everything you look at, so does your worldview. From why you eat, to where you meet on Sunday for church, to your doctrine on the depravity of man, is tinted by your worldview glasses. Sometimes you are inconsistent, as when a Christian says “History repeats itself” or when an atheist says “It is wrong to kill” when they have no higher law to appeal to.

No man can say he wears no glasses, for saying he has clear glasses proves he is blind. If a man eats he proves his worldview has a belief in the continuance of existent life, if he makes his choices based on the fact that he thinks it is fun, then he proves his glasses are those which tint all things in the color of his desires. His religion is comfort, and his God himself.

If this is true, then as Christians we should seek to make our worldview glasses the Bible. We should take the Bible, and tint our entire outlook upon life by its color.   We should believe the Scriptures as we believe the sun has risen, not because we see the source, but because by its light, we see everything else.

Through His Strength We Will Conquer,

Andrew C. Abbott

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