Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All of the world is divided into three parts

Some day I would like to write a book, and this book would begin with the words "all of the world is divided into three parts."
If we begin at the top of the realm of reality we will see that the Godhead is divided into Father, Son, Holy Spirit. If we come to the universe that these Three created, we will find that there is a continuum of time, space and matter, if we enter the universe itself we will come to earth to see that one of the most basic of all molecules, water, is two parts hydrogen one part oxygen, three parts. The human body is in three parts, legs, trunk, head. The legs are in three parts, calf, lower leg, foot. The foot is in three parts, the body, and the two parts of the toes. The fingers are in three parts, divided by the knuckles. The fish are, most commonly, composed of head, body, and tail.
The tree has its three parts, as does the flower, the foliage, the trunk, the roots.
And then there is society. Society is composed of three parts. Church, family, state. The church is composed of the elders, the deacons, and the people. The family is composed of the father, the mother, the children. The state is composed of the executive, the legislative, the judicial. These three are not to spill into each other's domains.
All of these three are equal. If one of these three fail as an institution they will drag the other two down. If the family fails to raise up Godly children in the fear and admonition of the Lord as they are commanded to do in Scripture then the Church will have no one to carry out its work in future generations and the government will be ruled over by tyrants created by failed homes without proper guidance or Biblical Patriarchy.
If the church fails, and either usurps the authority of the family over the children by fractionalizing the household or if it takes on disciplinary responsibilities it was not meant to hold, it will tear down the family. If it attempts to, as a corporate body move into the state's jurisdiction of wielding the sword, the nation will fall apart from within.
If the state overreaches its own bounds, and either takes the rod from the family or the keys from the church, it too will cause the social order that God created to fall to pieces.
In America, in 2012, the three part social order that God has designed has fallen into disarray, like an army, defeated by an enemy, and running for all it is worth. The church has abdicated its responsibilities over the keys, and has, on the whole, stopped disciplining its unruly members, taken on roles of discipleship it was not meant to have, and forgotten its God given orders to take care of widows and orphans.
The family has thrown their burdens on the state, and many fathers have become infidels  because they have not taken care of their own. (I Timothy 5:8) Many of the disciplines that are essential to a vibrant family have been left behind, and fathers and mothers rely on the state to watch their children, while they themselves reverse gender roles and get almost everything else confused as well.
The state has made use of the disaster and rushed in with a thousand programs, taking authority they were not meant to have, stealing things they were not meant to own, and taking care of those they were not meant to take care of. The abdicating fathers then complain that there spheres are being violated. Not the authority, that may be taken, no, it is the pocket book they are concerned about.
The church does not want anything to with caring for those it is supposed to care for, but of course, it would like to put up a manger scene in the park at Christmas time, and they will start crying if Uncle Sam does not let them.
The state argues over which type of program to have, not if they should have programs.
However, in all of this there is no Biblical precedent of change, nowhere does the father stand and say "Never again will I abdicate my responsibility to govern my family." The pastors do not stand to decry the loss of Biblical law in the workings of the state, rather they sit at the stand and sue to put a picture of three men with crowns kneeling before a baby with a halo around its head.
We will not save this nation by putting the ten commandments on the halls of the schools, but rather by stamping them in the hearts of the people.
This nation will not be saved by elections, nor by rhetoric, nor will it be saved by being "good people" it will only be saved by bringing the Scriptures to preeminence in all three of the social spheres. We must be willing to face the problems we have caused, to understand what it will entail if we are to fix it, to accept the blame for our sins, and then to set to work rebuilding a culture that is buckling before the wave of humanism like the dikes before Sandy.
Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

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