Friday, October 5, 2012

Through God's Providence

In 1588, in the country of England, there was a crisis; threat of invasion.
For years the nation had walked a narrow tight rope over an abyss of war, with the raging, boiling waters of Catholicism down below. But by this year the rope had been swaying for quite some time, and then, abruptly, suddenly, and without much warning, it was cut.
And so the battle began. England was out manned, outgunned, and had fewer, smaller ships. The Spanish were the great nation, and they would almost certainly smash this little group of men, Drake and the others, these impertinent fools, who thought they could stand up against the might of the nation of Spain.
If Spain won, the catholicc church would regain control of England, and the reformation there would die like a kitten left out on a winter day.
But they were not destroyed, they did not fall apart, they did not sink to the bottom of the sea like a second Atlantis, instead they won, and became "Magna Britannia."
After s few days of battling in the channel,a running fight, a shot here, a mast carried away, perhaps a closing to board, but nothing of any great interest. The water barrels were leaking, and the Spanish needed to refurbish them. And then a storm came up, and England became Great Britain.
But it was not Britain's greatness that won this battle, it was not their courage, it was not their fortitude, or their tactics that won the battle for the English Channel.
It was God's through Providence.

Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

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