Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Self Reformation

Throughout history many men and women have come to the forefront offering society a relief of reform; from the men in the reign of terror during the French Revolution to Nazi Germany. The probation movement was a reform as was the woman’s rights movement. The homeschool movement began a reformation as did the hippy rebellion. Old styles of dress have been thrown violently off all throughout history and politicians have promised New Deals with which to reform their country, or to change things for the better with wars on drugs, poverty, or Iraq.

However, while some of these reformations may have been sincere, Godly and edifying, many of them were led by men that wanted to rebel against everything about them, seeing all of society as evil, but thinking that they themselves were perfect.

When a man wants to reform a country, he must first reform himself. No overweight man dare stand on a high pinnacle and shout about the sin of obesity, and so should no man with a family that he cannot govern, seek to rule a country. No governor of a state that ruled poorly would be given an empire to oversee. Many young reformers shriek and shout about how their nation must be changed to their way of thinking, thus implying that they themselves are perfect. However, if they were to look in the mirror they would find enough there that needs to be reformed to last them several decades. Before attempting to reform all else, first reform yourself.

Through His Strength We Will Conquer,

Andrew C. Abbott

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  1. Accurately and well written.
    This is the reason that the French revolution ended so disastrously and the American war for independence ended so well.
    Are we on the brink of a new reformation? Perhaps. This post is timely.