Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Had Enough?

Atlanta, GA – Had enough?
In the last seven years, our nation has doubled its debt, our economy has weakened even further, and there is no indication we are out of the woods, or even fairly into it, yet. Had enough?
In the last seven years, multitudes of unborn children has been murdered in the so-called “land of the free and home of the brave,” in a nation that chastises other countries for their human rights abuses, we have so many of our own, and all to pacify a voting block and to further a petty politician agenda. Had enough?
In the last seven years, the leaders of our nation have derided and mocked those who wish to hold onto the sacred rights of all men and women to defend themselves, and bear arms to do so. Not only have our leaders mocked, but they have fought tooth and nail, doing all they could to be certain that the lawful are disarmed, while at the same time doing next to nothing to go after the lawless. Had enough?

In the last seven years, our leaders have gone around the world apologizing for us, while at the same time weakening our military, and violating one of our most sacred policies, that we do not negotiate with terrorists. Our leaders have then turned around and said that it will be many years before the terrorists are defeated, while at the same time only using a fraction of the strength necessary, and then pretending to wonder why they get no results. Had enough?

In the last seven years, our nation’s colleges have gone from being the boot camps for the soldiers of the next age, to being the nurseries where we coddle the thumb-sucking children of the last one. These twenty year old children demand safe spaces, complete with bubbles and cookies, so they can hide away from the realities of the world, and not be offended. And our leaders have barely even fought back. Had enough?
In the last seven years, that outside world that these perpetual children are fleeing has at the same time become worse, and more violent, with riots in Baltimore, and unrest in St. Louis, while our president has not even had the self-control to wait for a verdict from the court before appearing on national television to all-but-say he believed a man was guilty without trial. Had enough?

In the last seven years, with terrorists firing shots in Paris, murderers walking the deserts of the Middle East, Communists hacking into multi-billion dollar systems and stealing from millions of Americans, with unemployment staggeringly high, with millions of illegal immigrants having poured across our southern border and living here as outlaws with impunity, our president has had the nerve to say that those who want to fix all this were “crazies.” Had enough?
If you’ve had enough of all of this, if you think that it is time for a change, if you love liberty, despise lawless rioters, and believe that if someone is a thug they should be called that, if you think that someone should have the freedom to believe as they would like, to worship as they choose, and should be allowed to exercise their God-given rights without fear of prison, or fine, or of having their business shutdown or taken away from them, never fear. We have come through seven years of the current regime, but time is on our side. We have but one year, or twelve months, or three hundred and sixty five days, or eight thousand, seven hundred, and sixty hours, or five hundred and twenty five thousand, six hundred seconds, before our current president leaves office. To make matters worse, this is a leap-year.
Hang in there.
Help is one the way.
Andrew C. Abbott

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