Wednesday, April 24, 2013

“Please, Let’s be Tolerant Everyone”

Tennessee--“We began as a nation of religious tolerance and ended as a nation that cannot tolerate religion.”

There has been a long war on God in this nation. For about a hundred years or so, and even sometime before that, there has had been a concentrated effort to remove God from the public eye. He is offensive to those who do not want to obey Him.
In school, praying is not allowed in the classroom, and Bibles are a part of free speech not permissible to anyone in school. There have been successful court cases to remove public monuments which uphold a higher stander of morality. One example would be the case about a decade ago in which judge Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court was removed from his position as chief justice after refusing to take down a display of the Ten Commandments from public display at the court house.
In America, if you want to shout profanity at the top of your lungs in a public square, or put half naked bodies on display there is little or nothing anyone is going to do about it. Put a display of the Ten Commandments up, and that violates other people’s freedom from offense.
They will use the First Amendment, which says that there may be no state authorized religion (they except Atheism of course) to protect their right to take away yours.
You may say almost anything except something that means anything. The Supreme Court has ruled that shouting “Fire” in a crowded theatre is impermissible to the public safety. Perhaps proclaiming truth is a fallen world falls under this category.
In any event, we have come to be tolerant of almost everything except liberty. There is toleration for all tolerant religions. There is no toleration for those who are intolerant. “We are intolerant of intolerants.”
In the list of constitutional liberties which we have, there is no freedom from offense, that someone would say such a thing is highly offensive.

Andrew C. Abbott

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