Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Boston Bombings

When we as Americans turned on the news on Monday, we did not expect to find that over 170 people had been hurt and 3 killed in what the President has labeled an "act of terrorism."
The marathon is a statement on human greatness, and Monday we got a statement on human weakness.
We weep and pray for the families that lost their loved ones, but we cannot feel their pain as they feel it, and there is no one who can.
This is not a time for Christians to hold signs at funerals thanking God for death and destruction. Those that think enforcing those realities on the relatives of the victims is so important would spend the time better in personal prayer and repentance.
While we cannot assume to know the mind of God, we do know that America, as a nation that is one of the greatest in world history is slowly falling. Judgement always follows sin. (Romans 1:18)
Again, all true Americans are outraged and saddened by this horrific attack and loss of human life. Such things as these bombings are not statements, they are wastes.

Andrew C. Abbott

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  1. Very true.
    America is falling, and the Bible speaks of Gods people falling.
    We as Christians should take a stand, and tell everyone who is willing to believe, about Jesus and his love for them.
    Nice article Andrew! :)