Saturday, July 25, 2015

Defund Planned Parenthood

Houston, TX – In recent months, hundreds of millions of Americans across the country have been horrified by images of police brutality in locals as different as South Carolina, Florida, and California. We have watched in disgust as we have seen men and women mercilessly beaten, and sometimes tragically killed by those who are supposed to protect them. And now, again, another scandal is rocking the nation.
This scandal goes beyond skin color. It is about those who are being discriminated against and killed not because of their ethnicity, but because of their size, and their status as unborn children.
Just as most of us knew, before the videos that portrayed the deaths of such men as Walter Scott, shot in the back by a police officer is South Carolina, that there was police brutality, the shocking images on the evening news forced us to stop ignoring it. So in the same way we all know that abortion on demand, the greatest mistake ever propagated by the American Supreme Court when it upheld Roe v. Wade, happens, and that unborn children are killed because they are unwanted every day. However, the recent videos, purportedly showing members of Planned Parenthood, America’s most powerful abortion provider, speaking of killing unborn children, and crushing parts of their bodies to save other parts, have horrified and sickened many, as indeed they should.
But this group, founded by Margaret Sanger, which aids in abortions which roughly half of the nation finds reprehensible, and, like me, believes should be outlawed, rakes in our tax dollars, to the tune of roughly 500,000,000 dollars last year. (Five hundred million.) This was something even Bill Clinton, in his book My Life, protested against, saying he didn’t believe that Americans should be forced to pay for something that they didn’t believe in.
Currently, we have a Republican Majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Republican Party is the party whose platform states they are opposed to abortion, and nearly if not every single Republican member of both houses of congress say they are pro-life. If they are indeed pro-life, then perhaps the best thing would be for them to start saving life.
Neither the congress nor the president can overturn Roe v. Wade, only the Supreme Court has the power to do that, but statistics show that when Planned Parenthood gets less money, a great deal fewer babies are aborted. So it would seem logical, if Republicans loved life so much, that they would back Rand Paul’s bill that would defund Planned Parenthood.
The American Government wastes a lot of money every year. We waste on agencies that do nothing, we waste on agencies that do the wrong things, and we waste it on agencies that don’t what they are supposed to do. But here is a half of a billion dollars we could save, and save easily.
So let’s Defund Planned Parenthood. And let’s not vote for any presidential candidate in the senate that doesn’t vote to do that.

Andrew C. Abbott

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