Monday, July 13, 2015

Donald Trump: Loud Wrong

The Donald

Almost all of us are dumb in some area. The world is full of dumb people. But some dumb people are more famous than others. Yes,  I’m talking about Donald Trump.
Vin Scully, the famous baseball broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers who called Jacky Robinson’s 1955 Word Series, the first one a black man played in, once said that he (Vin) often prays “Lord, I know sometimes I’m going to be wrong, but please don’t let me be loud wrong.” Donald Trump has turned being loud wrong into an art.
It was crazy. A joke, everybody was laughing, holding their sides with pain as Donald Trump, comedian-slash billionaire announced he was running for president. But things have gotten serious very quickly. It started with Trump’s tackling illegal immigration, and saying things that many, if not most of the nation views as racist.
But suddenly, Trump has begun to climb in the polls. Ever the calculator, Trump ramped up the rhetoric and the insanity, suing Univision for dropping his Miss America Pageant, (while getting cut by lots of other business in the process), calling Jeb Bush’s wife an illegal immigrant, (she’s not), and generally saying the first thing that comes to his mind, which usually is something pretty bad.
But for all this, Trump keeps climbing. In North Carolina he is in first place.
Trump has recently even sought the Christian vote, saying he will stand up for religious liberty, and many are now backing him, thinking they have found the man they are looking for.
It’s not a joke anymore. Trump is going up. And up, and up. Many are saying we should be concerned about Trump, and we should, but not in the way most think. For despite all the hype and the excitement, at some point it’s all going to crash, the roller coaster ride that is shooting towards the top right now will hit the hump and start coming down the other side, and then the ride will end, all his supporters will have to get off, and with heads held low scurry around to find a real candidate to vote for. So we still don’t need to worry about Trump getting the nomination.
But what we do need to worry about is our friends, our neighbors, our fellow members of the Republican Party who would even dream of saying they like this guy. We need to worry that our party, anyone in our party would even think seriously for more than five seconds about backing a man who, for all his money and obvious business acumen, doesn't care if people think he is a racist, and would rather bash Latinos than worry about actually coming up with ideas for fixing our nations problem.
Some people say “Trump is just saying what we all believe, but are too afraid to say” if that is so, than you should check out what you believe, and probably change it. Donald Trump would not make a good president, clear and simple. He is divisive, he’s erratic, he’s not really pro-life, and he seems much more concerned about himself and his vendetta than about our nation.
The roller coaster is a lot of fun, but in politics it has no place, it’s all about entertainment. It just gives people a platform to scream their heads off, enjoy the clown show, waste a lot of money and generally be really loud wrong. That’s no way to run a country.

Andrew C. Abbott

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