Tuesday, May 14, 2013


“There is nothing new under the sun, anything you do will always have been done by somebody else. But you can always do it better. You must always do it better. Do it excellently…There is no traffic jam on the extra mile.”-Gary Powers, CEO of Ortho Molecular Products, Inc.

Iowa -- We are in a cultural war. We live in a volatile time, when the massive states and cultures of the world are on the brink of collapse and the precipice of destruction. We are trying to save it. However, just as we would never fight a war halfheartedly, or at least I hope we never would, we must fight this war for the minds of men, the war of ideas, as desperately as we would anything else.
All those that fight on one side of anything against another side must be ambassadors. The ambassador must represent his country, his city, as a kingdom builder for Christ. He must do it excellently.
We live in a world of half-heartedness. Schools are full of halfhearted and unmotivated teachers. In business excellence is rare, mass production is encouraged, at the expense of everything else.
We need to be different. Zeal without knowledge and zeal without excellence will both fall to pieces.
When men fight to begin, in business, in politics, in church denominations, the new system must fight its way up. However, once the fortress is built it can be managed and often is managed by complacent and less than excellent men. McDonalds can make more mistakes than Joes Hamburger Joint; the Green Party must have many times the energy and initiative than the GOP if it is going to continue to climb.
For the beginners, they must be excellent. But do not forget that even once you grow, you must still be excellent. We are tired of half-heartedness, it makes us feel that we are not worth your full striving.
Excellence takes a lot of hard work, it takes diligence. It is through diligent excellence that men like a poor young man in law school with a rat trap of a car becomes president of the United States, as our own president is a testimony to.
Anyone can be average, it is exceptional to go a little farther, to work a little harder, and to be excellent. It is attained through diligence. That is how we excel, and that is how we stand before kings, not mean men.
Andrew C. Abbott

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