Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Romeike Case

The Romeike Case
Iowa – Yesterday morning the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Obama Administration’s denial of asylum to the German family the Romeikes.
The Romeikes came to America in 2008, fleeing from Germany because they were denied the right to homeschool there. In 2010 they were granted amnesty here in 2012 that was overturned, yesterday, the second court ruling was upheld.
The court said that the Romeikes had not made a sufficient case, and that the United States has not opened its doors to every victim of unfair treatment, HSLDA reported. The Administration made the argument that homeschooling is not a basic human right, and thus the denial of that right does not give a reason to grant amnesty.
Mr. Romeike is a Classical Pianist, who sold his beloved Grand Pianos to afford the flight to the U.S.
The case is one of shocking implications about real views of the current administration. Eric Holder, interestingly enough, the same man involved, although we do not yet know how closely, with the AP phone records scandal.
Any group that would suppress the basic human right of parents to decide how their children are educated is but a step away from the basic human right of free speech.
Such blatant defilement of the rights protected under the constitution, as basic inalienable rights, shows that this part of the administration at least, are not upholding the true American ideals, the Christian and constitutional ideals the founding fathers and the majority, at least, of Americans still ascribe to.
Mr. Holder has shown himself not worthy of the trust of the American people. Such men are a shame to the office they hold, and cast a bane on the great men who have hold and now hold public office in the U.S.
The Homeschool Legal Defense Association, (HSLDA) will continue to appeal this case, which may eventually go to the Supreme Court.

Andrew C. Abbott

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