Monday, May 27, 2013


On January 14th of this year time Magazine ran a headline: 40 Years Ago Abortion Rights Activists Won an Epic Victory with Roe v. Wade: They've been losing ever since.
The article follows the Red River Women's Clinic in North Dakota, the last clinic in a state that is one of two that is trying to rid themselves of all clinics, and one of four where only one clinic is still open. According to the Time article, regulations are tightly restricting the clinics, and thus women's access to an abortion. The regulations are hard to fight and referendum, such as one that ordered the hallways be 5 feet wide, which those who do not work at the clinics do not realize the implications on the construction and shut down time, thus only pro-lifers vote for the regulations.
The article also states that the young are not as interested in fighting for what they think are their rights as the older generation is. To gain more steam, they have renamed their movement the Reproductive Justice Movement. To paraphrase their views: Pro-choicers say let us make abortion more accessible, pro-lifers say lets make it less accessible, while the new movement will say lets do away with unplanned pregnancies in the first place.
Also, lawmakers such as Rand Paul are working desperately for legislation in congress demanding the right to life for unborn children.
Recently there was the Gosnell case, a case in which an abortion doctor was found guilty of the murder of babies on whom abortion attempts had failed. The clinic in which the murders were committed was unlicensed, Gosnell claiming he was meeting a necessary need of the women who were unable to afford or have easy access to abortions, thus causing them to seek back ally ones, one of which, at least, went wrong with the mother dying. Many have said that the restriction of abortion will lead to the return of the pre-Roe days in which many women died of malpractice abortions.
Their argument assumes that a woman has a right to an abortion, which assumes that the fetus is not a child. It is a child, there is no argument, the constitution demands that children, as persons, can not be deprived of life without due process. While everyone feels a great deal of empathy for those women who were victims of rape, if it is murder in one instance it is also one in another. The Reproductive Justice Movement is unfortunately also falling short of the demands that a free and just society protect life.

Andrew C. Abbott

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