Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Fight: Which Side Are You On?

There is an interesting food fight going on.
There are two sides in a food fight, the governments and the green food advocates-the greens and the govs.
The greens would like to have little or no accreditation from the USDA, they say such accreditation is worth nothing, and that the current food system is dangerous for all of our health. They complain that the massive- in their opinion- over packing, of slaughterhouses where cows are grown to kill is immoral and breeds disease.
The govs say that to let anyone grow anything anywhere would breed massive epidemics, with people eating unknown and unsecured foods which have the potential to kill little children who consumed it. Accreditation is important, they say, because it protects from such things.
The greens complain that the massive, in their opinion over packing, of slaughterhouses where cows are grown to kill is immoral and breeds disease. They say that to grow a chicken with health problems, let it suffer for 5 weeks and then slaughter it is unkind and unfair.
The govs say that it is an efficient way of mass producing food in the modern era, with everything carefully sterilized, and inspected by agencies such as the USDA to be sure that regulations are followed for optimum health safety.
The greens say they would like to sell raw uncooked milk on their farm to their community.
The govs reply that that is dangerous for health, raw milk has killed many, and that it needs to be sterilized
The greens would like to hire their neighbor’s children to work for them on their farms.
The govs say that is child abuse.
The greens say they just want to have their farms in peace.
The govs say they are just trying to keep people safe from a salmonella poisoning epidemic.
There is definitely a food fight going on. And so, in the words of the old union song “Which side are you on?”
Andrew C. Abbott

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  1. :-)

    The .gov is overstepping the bounds set for it by God.

    The greens are just wanna-be tyrants.

    I just want to live in peace, worship my God, and raise chickens and crops. ;-)

    That, Lord willing, is what I aim to do, real tyrants, wanna-be tyrants, or no tyrants at all. What they choose to do is on their heads.