Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Emperor is Naked

Hans Christian Andersen, in the April of 1837 published a book entitled Fairy Tales for Children, in which one the stories was entitled “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In the story, two weavers come to an Emperor’s palace and say they will make him the finest suit of clothing in all the world. The clothes will be visible to any save those who are "hopelessly stupid.” The entire court cannot see the clothes, but keep quiet to keep their ignorance from being found out.

Of course, the clothes never existed at all, though everyone pretended they did. In the grand parade held to exhibit the new clothing, which everyone is pretending to see because they do not want to be labeled “hopelessly stupid” a small child cries out suddenly "The emperor is naked!" The emperor continues the procession.

Today, in modern science, politics, culture, religion, we have a very naked emperor. The only ones who would go against the system of modern progress, however, are those who are hopelessly stupid. Thus, to say you see a problem is to prove your own ignorance.
Last night I watched a docu-drama in which a scientist confessed that they see the problems with evolution, and even talk to each other about it, but to speak openly is to be Expelled. There are those who have shouted out that the emperor “is naked!" yet those who do just see him continue on with the procession.
Either repent or continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness while knowing that your false worldview cannot account for anything. This is exactly what Elijah did with the prophets of Baal. He exposed the foolishness of their worldview. In this, the Spirit provoked many Israelites to repentance as He opened their eyes, but He withheld regenerating grace to others as was the case with the false prophets themselves. Ultimately, that is up to Him. We, like Elijah are called to shut the mouths of those espousing a false worldview leaving them without excuse, but God Himself determines who will actually repent. This is the means that God has chosen from the beginning, yet He alone determines the result of those means, something we must humbly submit to.” –J. Anderson
 Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

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