Friday, March 29, 2013


Old revolutions were waged with guns. In fact, when we read history, we read a great deal about wars and battles and killings and slaughters. However, sometimes the real point of all that is going on can be missed.

In both World Wars millions and millions of people were killed by starvation, by soldiers, by sickness, and many by their own governments. Entire countries ceased to exist, cities were decimated, over 100,000 were made casualties by one bomb; the atomic one.

Some may have looked around after VJ Day and wondered “What happened?” How did a little man with the rank of general by the name of Tojo in the country of Japan suddenly convince so many people to act like so many animals? How did the Japanese convince their seemingly normal citizens to do such atrocious things to others? To beat them, to inject them as guinea pigs, and to kill them for no reason.

This did not happen overnight. One million men did not wake up one morning and suddenly decide to put on Brown Shirts and begin to bring Hitler to power. Millions of Russians did not suddenly decide that after all, totalitarianism was a good idea, and Communism something they should try.

This happened because of the power of words.

Through a long and tedious process, the people of a nation can be brought to believe differently than their parents and forefathers did. When we were young we were told black is black and white is white, but if we told our children white is black and black is white, they would have nothing to oppose us with, no data, and thus they would teach their children that snow is black.

If they found old books stating that snow is white, they would almost certainly say that that was an old, unsophisticated, unprogressive idea created by people not yet modern.

Their ideas have total ascendency in almost every major outlet of news, entertainment, and fashion on the planet. They have taken over the books, the newspapers, the schools. Everywhere you go you are bombarded with their words. On signs, on screens, on radios, you cannot shut your ears to their message, they pelt you with their agenda until you listen.

Today, we, the coming generation are being told snow is black. Everything our great grandfathers believed is being taken away from us. And we have nothing with which to oppose this new idea. When we read old books, by men such as George Washington, we argue with ourselves about how unprogressive he and his counterparts, men such as Thomas Jefferson were, and how foolish to think small government is good. We have been trained that such things come from the Bronze Age, and that we are now in the Gold.

They are winning the war of the words. They have the media, they have the news sites, they have the churches in some cases, and they have the families. What is left to us you may ask? The truth is left to us. We may have suffered a beating but we have not yet been slain.

I believe it was the Iron Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck who said that each generation that takes a blow is followed by one that gives one. The truth has taken a tremendous beating in this debate, the proceeding generation lost a lot of ground. But if we are going to win the war of the words, then let us fight now.

We do not have multi-million dollar budgets, but neither did the Fabian Socialists when they started. Because of the venue of mass-media, and the speed with which words can be transported across it, we can fight back by using the means that are at our disposal, such as blogs, websites, or online magazines.

This is a war that must not be fought with eloquence for the sake of eloquence, but rather truth for the sake of truth, justice for the sake of justice, right for the sake of right, and all because God commands it. We must use concise words, towards a directed plan. The Communists wrote out their plans and then enacted them, and we lost Western Civilization. We must plan before we act.

We are losing the war of the words, would you like to join us in fighting?


Through His Strength We Will Conquer,

Andrew C. Abbott

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