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When the theory of evolution was first popularized by Charles Darwin in 1859, his original thesis was that God created and then life evolved from there. (1) However, to quote one of his adherents “…we cannot allow a divine foot in the door.” (2) Men such as Julian Huxley could have nothing of the sort; life could not have been created by God. If it had been, then he, like a parent, would demand obedience, and that is not what they want. God, in their mind, could not have even created life, it had to create itself.
However, the problem remains that life cannot be created from nothing. Men such as Stanley Miller (1950s) have tried and failed to create life from non-living chemicals. For them, this does present a sizable problem, in fact, a gigantic one, if life could originate from non-living chemicals, and this has been proven many times over to be impossible, than life would have to be created by something. But a Divine Foot cannot be allowed in the door, so they need to come up with something. They came up with Panspermia, basically, little green men.
The idea is that, since life is so complex, it would have to have some sort of designer, something intelligent behind it. DNA, the blueprint for life, is unimaginably complex, so much so that for DNA to exist, DNA must first exist. In other words the mechanisms that keep it alive cannot come to be unless it is alive, and it cannot come to life without these mechanisms.(3) Men such as Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) have admitted that it is impossible for spontaneous generation to occur, thus, a higher life form from another planet would have had to engineer us. Dawkins thought the higher engineer must have come from another planet, basically, Aliens.(4)
The scientific method is for things that are observable and repeatable, since the above is neither; it is a hypothesis, not science. The problem of the little green men theory is glaringly obvious at first glance; someone had to create the little green men, but no one has any idea who did. Thus, the only things this solves is nothing. Life did not originate here, so all they did was to transplant the problem to somewhere else, somewhere we have not yet discovered.
When Darwin wrote his book On the Origin of Species in 1859 he said that, in his day, the evidence had not been found, but that it eventually would be. The supporters of his theory have had over a hundred and fifty years, and they still have not found evidence. Could it be that there is none?

Through His Strength We Will Conquer,
Andrew C. Abbott

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4: For this interview see the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

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